Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium

This academic year schools will receive a payment of £80 per child to assist with post lockdown catch-up.

We intend to spend this as follows:

Reading co-ordinator – 1 x TA for 5.5. hours per week – 


  • to ensure reading scheme is introduced effectively throughout school
  • to co-ordinate volunteers listening to readers in school
  • to train volunteers in listening to children read after attending training themselves
  • to listen to children read

Cost –   £3565


  • new reading scheme is implemented throughout school (to be considered at staff meetings)
  •  volunteers will be in school listening to children read
  •  children will be listened to read more often (records kept to assess impact)
  •  progress in reading average or above to be monitored in school tracking
  • Introduce NELI into school after training for member of staff 

This is subject to school being accepted on the NELI program – further details TBC